Everyday design

For the love of everyday life

The idea for starting Everyday Design came from wishing to create functional products that make the everyday life easier.

Since 1995, Everyday Design has designed products that represent timeless design and sustainability. The products are suitable for homes and office spaces. Our ideology is that every product can be used in multiple ways.

From Finland

Everyday Design manufactures all its metal and wooden products in Finland. We personally know who manufactures your Everyday Design products and want to keep the production as local as possible. Manufacturing in Finland is also an ecological decision for us.


As per our values, we design and manufacture sustainable products that have a clear practical use and an esthetic design. We take specifically into account our products’ material and recyclability. For example, the metal used in our products is 30 % recycled and can also be further recycled.



Everyday Design products come to life from the pen of industrial designer Helena Mattila. In the start of her designer career, Helena Mattila noticed the necessity of organization in everyday living. Easy order and simplicity are still the ideas behind every product.

During her career, Helena Mattila, has won several international design awards. Her work has been shown in MOMA New York, Design Museum London, International Design yearbook 1998 curated by Richard Sapper and 2000 curated by Ingo Maurer. Her products are sold in several domestic and international design retailers.

Helena Mattila still acts as a head designer and CEO for Everyday Design. She has also degrees in MBA and MSc, Law. She spends her free time with her family and grandchildren. She also works in art projects which draw their inspiration from nature and ecological thinking.

“I hope that our products bring to their users long term joy in their everyday life.”